This is my favorite week in the year!

Posted By on November 21, 2011

Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving! Yay! We have friends coming over. We’re all cooking. My daughter and I will watch the Macy’s parade until someone strong-arms us into switching over to football. In the past few years I’ve DVRd the parade because we aren’t big fans of musicals, and we quickly tire of watching people lip synch in front of the floats. I just like to watch Mr. Potato Head and Sponge Bob float down the NYC streets. I hope the baseball player will be along again this year. (And I hope to avoid any clowns!)

When I was a child, we had our own traditions. Dinner at Grandma’s in two or three seatings (I loved my usual spot, dining on the dishwasher!), a stroll (forced march, with our extremely fit Grandma) up the ridge in front of her house. More games after we staggered back down to her house, and then a second round of turkey and fixings. My favorites were Aunt Dorothy’s cole slaw and Grandma’s stuffing and cornbread. Oh, and creamed corn! Yummm!

Now, I miss Grandma every year, and I’d love to spend it with my aunts and uncles and cousins again, but everyone has made their own traditions, it seems. We start the night before, when I put together dough for cinnamon rolls, which rise in the fridge over night. Then, the beloved is always up early, starting the turkey and his amazing sweet potato soufflé. I wake up and bake the rolls and frost them. We tussle over the parade. (The beloved is not a fan.) And the girl makes a dip that our neighbor loves.

Eventually, our friends appear. After everyone’s at the table, I’ll slip back to the TV and turn on the “Christmas Carol” channel. We’ll eat till we need my grandmother to chase us up the nearest ridge.

And then, more football. I don’t really love football. Except on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the one tradition that hasn’t changed. I can still see my Grandpa, watching from his chair in the living room, with the sun shining through the “picture” window, glinting off his silver-framed glasses and eyes that see nothing except the current down and yardage (on real grass). Thursday, I’ll be watching our friends and the beloved, but the expression will be the same. It’s Thanksgiving, and it’s football!

And it’s tradition!

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2 Responses to “This is my favorite week in the year!”

  1. Debbie White says:

    I miss those Thanksgivings at Grandma’s too!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Girly, you know I was thinking of you most of all! Next girl’s week, we’ll have to plan an out-of-season, but nevertheless thankful Thanksgiving!

    Love ya!

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