Hello, Monday. It’s been a while.

| June 30, 2014

Blowing out the cobwebs around here. I’ve been working on several books–about 120,000 words since the beginning of February. And, my daughter brought home a cold that has infected the entire family. When you pass our house, it’s kind of sucking in and out with all the coughing. But I’m back, blogging. Seems as if […]

Finding Comfort at the Heartwarming Blog

| March 24, 2014

Buried in deadlines, I’ve been sparse on the blog, but today, I’m blogging at the Heartwarming¬†blog. Talking about where I find comfort when I’m harried and anxious and trying to meet a deadline. Come, visit and share your own secrets for making a workday happier!  

How was your Halloween?

| November 1, 2013

Mine was lovely, except we had no Trick-or-Treaters. I’m always disappointed when that happens. When I was a child, we lived out in the middle of nowhere, but we still walked a mile with our T or T bags! I loved Halloween. Not sure if it’s just not the same these days, or if we […]

Ooops. It’s Thursday!

| October 17, 2013

Not doing so well with my attempt to be a more constant blogger. A busy week around here with a birthday in the house, a new kitten who takes up all our time, demanding he be properly adored, and birthday cupcakes to buy. But yesterday I opened the file and started writing again. Today, I […]

Random Thursday

| October 10, 2013

A second before I took this pic, I was working away, typing despite the cut on my index finger where George decided he needed to hang from my hand. He’d fallen asleep just beside my laptop. I don’t know if I smacked the keys extra hard and woke him, or if he’d been brewing a […]

Look What We Did!

| October 8, 2013

At the beginning of June, we lost our sweet, 20 year-old-Kitty. He was my buddy, my comfort, my friend when all the world slept, and he and I prowled through the nighttime hours. We haven’t gotten over missing Kitty, but we realized it was time to find a new cat friend. We’re a good kitty […]

What? It’s Friday already?

| August 9, 2013

This week has flown! I’ve plotted a novella, edited a romance, plotted my cozy–changed the protagonist’s occupation again. We also had more unexpected company of the best kind! The only bad thing about that–I’m behind on reading a ms. for a friend because I watched several of my favorite movies with my favorite movie bud […]

Catching Up

| June 14, 2013

It’s been a while. Lots going on here. My girl and I went up to Tennessee for a ¬†mini girl’s week with our cousin. It was a lovely time on top of a mountain, except the girl got sick the first night and stayed sick the whole time we were there. I have a proposal […]

Hello, Friday!

| May 3, 2013

We did one of my favorite things in the world last night. We went to a baseball game. It was fun and rainy and a bit chilly. Perfect baseball weather! The rain may have depleted attendance, or it may have been the fact that the Braves aren’t playing as well as one might hope just […]

Time to be Random

| February 20, 2013

My random photo for today is a pic I took last year during girls’ week because my cousin and I were just chatting about this year’s. I can’t wait to see her and my aunties and beautiful Tennessee! A late start working yesterday (last night-ish, kind of). Alphie and I achieved 1047 words, but they […]