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Posted By on December 6, 2013

Georgie, the Charming

Georgie, the Charming

It’s early, and I’m relishing coffee, trying to come up with a coherent blog post after such a long time away.

Clearly, random is the way to go. I’ll start with a photo of Georgie, the kitten, who’s growing up.

My beloved friend and critique partner, Karen Whiddon, is enjoying winter today. We share weather reports with each other because we both have issues with never-ending summer in the places where we live. Today, she gets ice and sleet, and right now, it’s 28 degrees. I have turned on the air conditioner.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I’ve been writing like–a writer. I have a good portion of my cozy finished, and I’m almost ready to start editing. Yesterday, I was doing some revisions on the romance proposal. Today, I hope to work a little with both.

When I started Nano in November, I had a few goals I wanted to keep–writing as much as I could–which I did. Exercise–which I did. Blogging. I did not. There are writers who journal and do what Julia Cameron calls morning pages every day. I can’t do that without feeling as if I’m expending my writing energy. To some extent, that’s what the blog is for me. If I can’t manage to reel off a pretty quick post, I’m giving my writing energy to a location that doesn’t really need it. As a reader, I like to know what my favorite authors are doing, but I want their best writing in the books they publish!

A little more on the goal I kept best. I’m at almost a year of exercising pretty much every day. I was feeling all fancy, thinking I’m in much better shape, but yesterday, my neighbor–an Army guy–asked if I wanted to walk with him. I usually walk at the gym, or in our neighborhood because I live on narrow roads, where everyone from the most genteel little ladies, to the dump truck drivers speed as if they’re practicing for Le Mans. However, the Army guy walks a loop of those crazy roads that took us an hour and twenty-four minutes. I’d already done almost a lap of the neighborhood, so I’d been walking around twelve minutes.

Santa's duds washed here!

Santa’s duds washed here!

I am not in great shape. At one point, I actually felt dizzy. (Big hill.)  For every step my friend took, I was taking two, so I know I held him back as well as alarming him with my natural shade of exercise-fuschia. My girl turns bright red, too when she exercises. It can be terrifying to people who don’t know us. Anyway, it was a great walk, despite being a sign that I’m still a slug. And we passed this excellent Christmas display. I’m adding it in case Santa needs a quick scrub-up on his way across the world later this month! These folks will wash his suits for free!

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  1. Debbie White says:

    George sure has grown a lot!!!! The red face must be a family trait. It happens to me too!!

  2. admin says:

    George is a tiny, orange weed! He doesn’t even look too kittenish any more, does he? LOL on the red face trait. We look ruddy and hard-working, and folks fear we’re on the verge of a collapse! 🙂

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