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As I write this in the wee hours of Tuesday-turning-into-Wednesday, we finally have rain! We’ve had it in the forecast for a week, but every day, it gathers all around us and then scurries away. We’ve seen downpours less than five miles away on the news while we’re dry as a bone.

I don’t have to water the tomatoes or fill the pool. The brown patches in the yard may green up a bit. I’ve even noticed yellowing leaves on the trees in the woods. Last year the leaves began to change in July, but I think this year it’s the unbearable heat.

Yesterday was another day of Fast Drafting by the pool. I’m not reaching a Fast Draft zone. I’m not falling in love with every word I write. Oddly, I’m riddled with more fear than ever, but very occasionally, there’s a line that makes me feel happy. A phrase that reminds me I’m a writer. Can’t beat that!

Before I sold my first book, I belonged to an online community that no longer exists. (Remember how active online communities could be? I miss that camaraderie.) A successful writer on the list always said “If you can stop writing, you should.” Writing is lonely. Often, a writer is an introvert, baring her soul to be judged by strangers. (Notice my raised hand–and somewhat tattered soul.) I love writing, and one thing this painful journey is teaching me is that I can’t quit.

Today, I’m meeting a friend for lunch and chitchat. I always feel bad for people who have to talk to me when I’ve been writing like this. My head remains in the story, and I’m either talking so fast no one else gets a word in, or I’m without words at all.

I fear today is a wordy day. I probably ought to send an apology in advance, but then my friend might wisely back out of lunch!

For now, I’m going to sleep to the rumble of thunder and the plink of rain on the windows and hope that you’re as happy with your Wednesday as I am with the start of mine!

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