Terror and the Busy Days

Posted By on February 27, 2013

Lively. Yay!

Lively. Yay!

Lately, around the abode, we have been extremely busy with family stuff and goings-on. So much so that I find myself dusting at 3:30 this morning because company’s coming this afternoon.

But over there, to the right, is the reason I’m awake this morning. I’m checking up on him.

Kitty, whom our vet called “Magnificent,” is 20 years old, and he wasn’t feeling himself yesterday. A little off his feed in the morning. By 3 in the afternoon, he was breathing like a bellows. The girl and I rushed him to the vet, who took him right in, with worried looks. It seems we nearly killed him with litter.

He’s old and rather fragile, and he trods through the litter we’ve been using forever, and it sticks to his tiny tabby paws (actually the size of small tennis rackets). We bought him new litter to try to make his life a little easier, but right away, he stopped using his box. He began using the floor, which distressed us all. Turns out, he was allergic to the new litter. We just thought he didn’t like it so the beloved bought a new bag of the old litter yesterday morning, and we’d switched it out. Almost too late.

The prognosis looked grim. The doctor couldn’t get an x-ray because Kitty doesn’t like to be touched, and though he was flagging severely, he still didn’t want to be checked over. He couldn’t be sedated because he was so oxygen deprived and also, he’s old as time. So, it could have been several horrible things. Finally, the vet said, “This is what I’d do if he were mine…” And we let him do that.

And a few minutes later, Kitty was purring, and breathing like a bellows, but with a better heartbeat and a touch less effort that we couldn’t even see, but the doc could hear. Anyway, there was a chance the treatment would not have worked if it was not a strange, asthmatic reaction to new litter that was supposed to make his life easier. So, at 3:30 in the a.m., I’m checking Kitty (aka Mr. Handsomes–I love our vet because he loves our Kitty enough to give him sweet names and try saving an old guy without causing him more, killing stress). I’m way beyond just thankful our tabby is demanding food and using his brand new litter box filled with the old litter that’s glomming to his tiny, tabby feet.

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2 Responses to “Terror and the Busy Days”

  1. Karen says:

    Wow. Just. Wow. I had no idea littler could be harmful. Poor old Kitty. I’m so glad your were able to save him and that he’s doing better.

  2. admin says:

    I know! Even the vet said he’d have expected an asthmatic reaction to have occurred to anything long before this. Apparently going this long without stumbling across something Kitty was this allergic to is unusual.

    The doc offered us useful advice! “He’s 20 years old. Don’t change anything!” That seems like a plan, and we are so relieved around here.

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