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Nano’s Coming!

Writing Assistant, Trying Telepathy
Writing Assistant, Trying Telepathy

I’m doing Nanowrimo again this year. I’ve only made a good attempt at it once, and then I wrote 30 k words that were clearly not the words I needed, but I love the story that resulted from that false start.

This year, I’m finishing my cozy. Or I’ll be close to finishing it if I manage to do 50 k. I’ve signed up on the website, described my book, and invited writing buddies. I’m so excited people near me are also attempting the challenge. And–a local library is scheduling write-ins. I’m not sure why, but I love being in a room filled with other writers, writing.

Today I need to plan. I know what happens immediately ahead in the story, but If I don’t want to wait around to figure out where I’m going next, I need to lay some guidelines–a map I probably won’t follow. Outlines often turn out to be like those 30 k words I didn’t mean to use. But, for safety’s sake, I’m going to make a plan. Turning up for over 2 k words every day won’t be as scary if I have some structure to fall back on when I panic. Inevitably.

I’m excited for Nov. 1 to flip over on the calendar. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be asking myself why I didn’t just throw myself in front of the neighbor child’s speeding car, but today, I’m excited about devoting so much time to writing with a purpose.


  1. Debbie White Debbie White

    You have a cute assistant!!

    • And you can see how helpful he is! 🙂 The little love bug!

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